Norwich this July as it as hot and steamy as a Palm House. Lethargy lurks at every turn and the drowsy afternoons float by, punctuated only by the chirruping of the Tour de France commentators.

Palm House, Kew Gardens
Palm House, Kew Gardens

I am at a point where I want to reboot my creativity. I have allowed it to become submerged over the years, as I’ve prioritised earning a living over and above living itself. Now I’m stepping back a bit, taking some time to work out who I want to be and how I can become that person. To determine a new purpose for myself, building on the bedrock of my creative abilities as much as on my practical aptitudes.

Care to come along for the ride?


Send for Gary Sinise….

Remember how, in “Apollo 13” they had a problem with the spaceship and had to call in the help of Gary Sinise?

And how, if there’s any crime at all in New York, Gary Sinise has to come and look at the scene of crime and tell them what happened?


Well thars brook

(Quick translation – if a Norfolk person says “Well thars brook” they mean “Well, that’s broken.” ┬áIt’s an interesting local dialect in which the letters Heigham spell the word “Ham” as in “Well thars up Ham Street tha es.”)

My knitting needle is broken!

Only one man can help

Okay, so I do get Gary Sinise for this, don’t I?